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Crossover Couple Contest - MasaHina: Winter Love
Masaomi Kida x Hinata Hyuga (DRRR!! x NARUTO): MasaHina - Crossover Couple Contest Fan Fiction by Chibi-Chan.
Durarara!! Character Masaomi Kida © Ryohgo Narita Naruto Character Hinata Hyuga © Masashi Kishimoto
Ikebukuro, Tokyo, where often the extraordinary and the excitement is at. People who live there are used to this abnormality that occurs there...but others, who are from a different place, in the other side of the world...seems to be astonished by the town called Ikebukuro, and really, Tokyo is well-know for these fascinating events.
Take right now, for example. Snow flutters down Japan, the soft-looking white Q-tips of cotton slowly goes down the land, melting soon after, but however, sometimes snow sticks onto something amazing and beautiful; as if the smooth, cold weather was clinging to something that it hasn't had in a long while—it doesn't want to leave something precious. Just like snow, which is beautiful and cool, one would wish that it would never leave,
:iconhaneneanwarali:HaneneAnwarAli 0 0
High School Sucks! Chapter Nine
Author’s Note: Hey~ ^w^ This is Chapter Nine of High School Sucks! It’s been over a year since this Fan Fiction series was made. I would love to thank all of my readers for reading this series. Thank you.
Obviously the next chapter will be two digits! Chapter Ten, I can’t wait! :) Again, thanks for reading this series. Keep on reading, and I’ll keep on writing! :D
Please review!
Chapter Nine: Our Contract.
Sebastian’s Point of View:
I was walking with a
:iconhaneneanwarali:HaneneAnwarAli 2 0
High School Sucks! Chapter Eight
 Author’s Note: Hey guys~ ^w^ It’s been a while for my Fan Fiction… I blame school for this…
Anyways. I’m sorry for not uploading the chapter sooner—again, I blame school for this. ^-^;
So far, Sebastian is winning for being with Hinata. Thank you all for the love for SebasHina! I really appreciate it! :) I really need more SasuHina moments than SebasHina. I feel bad for Sasuke right now…He kinda made a friend and now ruins it. 
In this Chapter, Hinata is avoiding Sebastian, because of the previous chapter of him changing her clothes. People feel bad for Sasuke and Sebastian because of Hinata’s actions to both of them…Please don’t hate Hinata-chan~
Oh, by the way…I apologize for not bring up other Black Butler characters. They might be in this chapter or in the futur
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VOCALOID: Kagamine Twins - Secret Crush :iconhaneneanwarali:HaneneAnwarAli 7 1 Kanra-Chan ID :iconhaneneanwarali:HaneneAnwarAli 5 4
Mature content
High School Sucks! Chapter Seven :iconhaneneanwarali:HaneneAnwarAli 4 4
NARUTO x BLACK BUTLER: SebasHina - Our Pain :iconhaneneanwarali:HaneneAnwarAli 6 0 NARUTO x BLACK BUTLER: SebasHina - Hugging :iconhaneneanwarali:HaneneAnwarAli 6 2 CIX: OC - Michael J - Colorful :iconhaneneanwarali:HaneneAnwarAli 0 0 NARUTO x BLACK BUTLER: SebasHina - Gentle Touch :iconhaneneanwarali:HaneneAnwarAli 6 0 FMA: Edward Elric - Happy Birthday, Sasuke! :iconhaneneanwarali:HaneneAnwarAli 9 2 BDP: OC - Damon and Luka: Hunting :iconhaneneanwarali:HaneneAnwarAli 0 0 NARUTO: Hinata Hyuga - A Bite that Pierced... :iconhaneneanwarali:HaneneAnwarAli 3 0 NARUTO x BLACK BUTLER: SebasHina - Too Close :iconhaneneanwarali:HaneneAnwarAli 1 1 CIX: OC - Michael J - Quick Sketch :iconhaneneanwarali:HaneneAnwarAli 1 0 BDP: OC - Damon: Quick Sketch :iconhaneneanwarali:HaneneAnwarAli 2 2


P4G x Reader: The start of a new Fool
A/N: Okay this might become a shitty ass long chapter because of how flipping long the story of P4G is but that's the chance I'm willing to take for more Persona x reader and for you Adorable Girl Anime Emoji (Kawaii Happy Dance) V6 . So you will be the FeMC for this retelling of the game and I'll add something quite special when you obtain your Persona so, wish me luck. Saionara! Pikachu Wave 
Music: Persona 4 OST: Aria of the Soul
               A subtle piano and an amazing soprano was the only thing (Name) heard.
               She was in a limousine. That she knew of. It was comfy-looking with a cabinet of expensive champagne and brandy together with wine glasses. Blue light illuminated the room as the same color accented the furniture. Everything seemed li
:iconthestralcharm:ThestralCharm 27 5
9. Club Practice: P4G X Reader
04/19/TUE-Early Morning | Satonaka Residence
          'Ugh... My head...' The tomboyish girl said as she rubbed her head. The events yesterday replayed vividly in her mind. She stood up from her bed and walked to the bathroom, her eyes still closed. She only opened them when she tripped on something long. She fell with a thud on the floor as she rubbed her forehead. She looked at her feet and saw what appears to be a long naginata, almost too long for (Name) to use. She raised her gaze and landed on a yellow figure...
|Samegawa Flood Plain|
          "So you think Chie might get to see her Persona?" You asked Izanami.
          "Possibly so. I wonder what she'll look like?" Izanami pondered. You thought as well coming up with a lot of possibilities, all of them related to kung-fu. Y
:iconthestralcharm:ThestralCharm 19 9
8. Yukiko's Castle
          "What the...? A castle!?" Chie exclaimed. "Y'think this is the place they showed on TV last time?" The castle looked exactly like it was shown from the Midnight Channel, with the line of horses and everything. But somehow seeing them up-close made it look eerie.
          "You're positive that no one's behind a camera for that bizarre midnight program?" Yosuke asked Teddie.
          "Program...? I don't know. Maybe people on your side can see stuff in this world. It might be that. And I told you before! There's only me and Shadows here! There's no 'camera' stuff going on. This world has been like this from the beginning."
          "'From the beginning'...? That's what we don't understand!"
          "Izanami." You said to your Persona, straying from the others conversation.
:iconthestralcharm:ThestralCharm 17 4
7. Goddamit Yosuke
The 04/17/2011-Sun-Early morning
               You stretched from your futon as you sat up. The first thing you saw was Izanami curled up on the couch. You rubbed your eyes and did your morning routine. After brushing your teeth, you went to your room to change. Izanami was already awake examining your drawer of clothes. Specifically, the bra and underwear drawer.
               "(Name), I do not understand the use of this." She picked up your favorite bra which was (color) with black lace around the straps and cups. "What does it do? Do you wear it?"
               You flushed a little, cheeks growing a bit warm. "That uh... You wear it, yes. Uh..." You trailed off. How can you explain this to your Persona?
               "You know what? Just give it to me." She handed you the bra. You hesitated for a while before takin
:iconthestralcharm:ThestralCharm 15 3
6Princess Yukiko,she shall score all the hot studs
               4/16/2011 Early morning...
               Somehow your head seemed to throb harder than before.
               Since the TV world, your head had migraines whenever possible. To be honest, you'd expect just a normal, boring life in the countryside, make some friends, then soon go somewhere else and do the same thing. You didn't expect to have an annoying boy that the residents hate, a tomboy with an addiction for steak, and a girl who can't even look at people then just apologizes and goes. You didn't expect to have weird powers, go inside the TV, and expect to solve murders from a talking stuffed animal.
               You stretched from your futon. The pain seems to ebb away. You didn't want to go to school but you had to. For your parents.
               "So she awa
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5. The Shadow... The true self...
               Yosuke ran towards you. 
               "Whoa... Wh-What was that!?" He asked, astounded. "Did I hear you say 'Persona'!? What was it-I mean, what did you do!?" You shrugged, not really caring what happened. 
               "Hey, you think I can do it too...?"
               "Calm down, Yosuke. You're troubling Sensei!" Teddie said. 
               "S-Sensei...?" Yosuke said, unsure.
               "Gosh almighty! You're amazing, Sensei! I am one impressed bear! I can't believe you were hiding such an amazing power! No wonder the Shadows were scared of you!" Teddie gasped. "Are you the one who's able to bring people into this world?" You nodded.
               "Hah! That's what I t
:iconthestralcharm:ThestralCharm 17 3
4. Unlocking the Wild Card
               (04/15/2011) Early morning
               You went downstairs to see Dojima going out with his coat slung over his back.
               "Ah, you're up. Well, I'm off." The sound of the door opening and closing signaled he left the house.
               "...Dad has to go do something. He got a call, so he left." Nanako said. She looked worried. 
               When you made your way to school, it was raining, so you opened your umbrella. You saw two girls gossiping with one another.
               "When I looked, I saw three police cars zooming by." The red umbrella girl said.
               "You live by the police station don't you? Did you hear anything?" The white umbrella girl said
:iconthestralcharm:ThestralCharm 12 2
3. P4G X Reader: New world... And a bear?
               "Hey, have you guys heard of the Midnight Channel?" Chie asked as you shook your head no.
               "You still believe in that fairy tale? I thought you were mature." Yosuke chuckled slightly making Chie pout.
               "I am mature!" She looked at you. "(Name), do you believe in the Midnight Channel?"
               You shook your head. "I don't even know what it is."
               "They say that if you stare into a turned-off TV when its raining, a person appears on the screen and whoever it is is your soul mate!" Yosuke shook his head.
               "What kind of off-based rumor is that? You seriously need to get your head out of the clouds."
:iconthestralcharm:ThestralCharm 23 2
2. P4G X Reader: New school

The next day...
               The next morning you woke up and the smell of eggs and toast wafted through the air after your bathroom necessities. You find Nanako serving breakfast at the table. Here father was no where to be seen. 
               "Good morning." Chirped Nanako as she sat on a chair. "Let's eat." You and Nanako ate the eggs and toast and you have to admit, it was delicious. Was she the one who made this?
               "Where's your dad?" You asked.
               "At work. He always work late." She drank her orange juice. You nodded as the two of you ate in silence. The dream had bothered you but its best not to dwell on it too much.
               "You're starting school today, right?" She asked.
:iconthestralcharm:ThestralCharm 31 6
November Rewards + Bonus Speedpaint Video :iconrosuuri:Rosuuri 459 1 707 Space Station - Mystic Messenger :iconbummyspears:bummyspears 376 16 K project: A traitor. :icondessa-nya:Dessa-nya 236 14 K: assault :iconkyuuseisha:kyuuseisha 899 46 Project K - Off to duty :iconimmuze:ImMuze 180 2 Project K - Blue King :iconimmuze:ImMuze 658 48 Poka :iconmichelous:michelous 4 0




Artist | Student | Traditional Art
United States
Hello, everyone. 
...So, I've finally finished my first DRRR!! Fan Book script--I'm currently working on the second one--it took me exactly a month. ^^; PHEW~!
The DRRR!! Fan Book #01 is about one of my favorite pairings, Izaya x Mikado. Hmm~ Maybe if I'm drawing it, I can show you the samples. Hopefully I can publish it.
However, I'm stuck on working on DRRR!! Fan Book #02. This one is another Izaya x Mikado, but it will have a bit of Mairu x Kururi... ha-ha, I have some funny ideas about the Orihara Twins. xD
And~ I'm thinking that the Fan Book #03 will be an R-18 one (I'm not sure, but possibly. *Grins*)
So, anyways I hope you'll buy it if I publish it (Am I repeating myself? )

-Han (Chikachu).
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